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Distinctively known for my Youtube Channel, kinky hair, slightly awkward smile, and ginormous eyes, I’m Kaice! (or Purely Kaice or Kaice Alea or Daisy… the list goes on). 


I’m a Baltimore, Maryland native (high 5’s to my bird city readers); and currently a 21 year old Senior at Florida International University, located in Miami, Florida. I major in Digital Media Studies and minor in Marketing/E-Marketing Analysis.  


I started my YouTube channel in the summer of 2014 with the intention to share my hair journey and inspire other girls to embrace their natural hair as well. Since then, I have taken deeper interest in vlogging/blogging about other topics such as beauty and lifestyle. After about year of hard work and dedication to building my channel, I began to receive oppurtunites to work with well reknown brands for their online PR campaigns and sponsorships such as: Shea Moisture, Creme Of Nature, Vanity Planet, Lotta Body, Kera Care, Deva Curl, “Q-Redew”, Mielle Organics, Jamaican Mango & Lime, and FORM Beauty.


My passion for natural hair and beauty has caught the eye of over 138,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel alone, where people constantly crave my advice/tips because of my honest and reliable advice. 


In addition to YouTube, I also utilize Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to share my beauty advice with fun interactive posts. For every upload, there is a lot of time and dedication into making the product or service appeal to my audience in the best way possible. I use professional quality equipment as well as a strategic creative process to create the best content possible!  Because of my social media presence, I has been featured in popular online magazines/social platforms such as Fashion Bomb Daily, Black Aphillyated, The Cut Life and NaturallyCurly.com.


Not only do I focus on beauty products, tutorials, and reviews- I also plan to use my platform to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs. This is what inspired the creation of my extended site/platform; Brown, Bomb, & Branding. 

 instragram feed: @_kaicealea

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